Our efforts

Working consciously, sustainably and ethically is important to us.

We use retired rubber wood to make our playstands

Rubber wood is a hardwood commonly planted for latex. Latex is a natural source collected from rubber trees over a span of almost thirty years. Until recently, the rubber wood was just left to rot and release carbon into the atmosphere once it had finished producing latex. We help put it to use.

We practice a zero waste approach

Our tailored canopies are made from polyester, which lasts a long time and requires less water, energy and heat for washing. Any leftover material from our tailored canopies goes into making our play clip and peg bags, to eliminate waste. When we don't have enough of that, we use the expertise of Second Chance Bangkok to produce our play clip and peg bags. Second Chance Bangkok use donated second-hand clothes and textiles to make our bags whilst creating second chances for disadvantaged people in Bangkok. 

We use reputable manufacturers

Our playstands are made in a reputable factory and expertly hand finished by an independent team of craftspeople. 

We have a close collaboration with a social enterprise

141 Social Enterprise make and donate open-ended wooden toys to disadvantaged children in Thailand. Five percent of the profit from every playstand we sell goes to 141 Social Enterprise, to help support their initiative.

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We work with a inclusive training centre

Steps Community has a team of dedicated, passionate young trainees keen to help businesses and gain work experience. We are proud to work with the Steps Community by asking them to provide web support.

Visit the Steps Community website. 

We want to do more and aim to grow our positive contributions as our small business grows. Thank you for supporting our journey ~ it makes all the difference.


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